We enable Digital Transformation for Enterprises using Cloud Native technologies and solutions

Our Mission

Our platform and services help prioritize IT spend by providing granular visibility into every aspect of your IT spend and help ROI while achieving IT modernization goals

  • Enable Enterprise IT to self fund modernization

  • Enable Organizations to drive innovation with Financial Accountability

  • Provide un-opinionated solutions that meet customer needs on their terms

Our Solutions

Our strength is our Enterprise Pedigree

Having guided very large enterprises’ greenfield and brownfield applications on a technology transformation journey, our platform and solutions distill our expertise to provide an un-opinionated and feature-rich launchpad for your technology transformation journey.

We provide services and platform solutions in the Cloud-Native stack, currently focussed on Container Technologies and Kubernetes. Our solutions are based on upstream, open source technologies so that they evolve along with the stack without a lag and are compatible with the large and ever growing ecosystem of tools and bolt-on solutions in this space

Consistent Environment

Consistent feature-sets and user experience across cloud providers or on-premise

Run Anywhere

True multi-cloud capable solution available on major cloud providers and on-premise

Security at Every Layer

Security best practices at every layer of the platform and deep integrations into open source and top commercial security products

Tenant Isolation

True multi-tenant solution with flexible isolation choices at every layer woven into the platform - not just bolted on top

Addressing Everyones Need

Developer Productivity
Operations Consistency @ Scale
Security Visibility @ Scale
Executive Insights


Production Ready Kubernetes At Enterprises - Part 1 (Installers)

One of the best things about Kubernetes is the vibrant community driving it.

Production Ready Kubernetes At Enterprises - Part 2 (Multi-tenancy)

This topic is in the same league as Storage and Federation in the Kubernetes space

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