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Address Common Enterprise IT Challenges


Inconsistent Practices

Within many organizations, the level of automation and compliance in application development varies. Some teams deliver automated deployments and testing, while others struggle with manual processes, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


Technology Disparities

Organizations are faced with a mix of technologies and platforms, leading to operational inefficiencies and tool redundancy. This fragmentation complicates processes, escalates costs, and hinders alignment with business objectives.


Strategic Misalignment

Organizations often face challenges in aligning IT initiatives with broader business objectives, leading to duplicated efforts, wasted resources, and stifled innovation. This misalignment hampers strategic growth and efficiency.

Bridging the Gap: From Challenges to Solutions


Visibility Unlocked

Gain insights with our tool’s evaluation of IT fitness, including applications and platforms, enabling accurate identification and prioritization of organizational improvement areas.


Disparity Analysis

Our dashboard illuminates technology disparities within your organization, offering clarity on where to direct your focus for technology alignment and efficiency enhancement.


Strategic Focus

Empower executives to define and prioritize IT strategies by adjusting fitness function weights, ensuring the organization’s objectives are seamlessly integrated and actioned upon at every level.

Our Pulse Platform Unveiled: Elevate Your IT Landscape

Pulse Platform delivers real-time IT health scores, aligning technical operations with strategic goals, powered by sensor-driven analytics for ongoing optimization and competitive benchmarking

What People Say About Us

Orcasio has been a great partner in our journey to Azure cloud. Their services have helped us accelerate our adopt industry best practices for DevOps and Security.

Director of IT, Footlocker | Dec 20, 2019

Orcasio expertise helped us gain insights into our cloud spend and optimize our cloud costs. Their recommendations helped us save over 30% of our cloud spend.

Executive Director, Verizon | Feb 16, 2021

Orcasio products and services helped measure our cloud fitness and provide insights into our architecture. The insights helped us prioritize our North-Star initiatives.

Group Manager, American Airlines | Mar 08, 2022

Orcasio has been a valuable partner in helping us achive Google Cloud Migrations and modernizing our core SRE practices. The Orcasio Pulse Platform has been a great tool to measure our cloud fitness and channel our efforts to improve continuously.

Sr Director, Ford Motor Company | Oct 26, 2023

About Us

Founded in 2018 by technologists passionate about cloud technologies and enterprise architecture, Orcasio has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions, helping clients achieve their goals with a proven track record of success.


Ramesh Podila

Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of experience in leading technology initiatives for large enterprises, our CEO combines extensive cloud architecture knowledge and application development expertise. His seasoned background is marked by a deep understanding of cloud infrastructures and Kubernetes systems. This blend of technical mastery and strategic foresight keeps our company at the cutting edge of innovation and operational excellence.


Ragu Srinivasan

Chief Technology Officer

With 25 years of experience, our Chief Technology Officer is an accomplished Enterprise Architect and Applications Developer, specializing in container platforms and cloud security. His career, distinguished by the creation of secure and scalable enterprise solutions, exemplifies a commitment to technical excellence. The CTO’s strategic and innovative approach to integrating cutting-edge technology practices has been instrumental in maintaining our company’s reputation for secure and efficient cloud infrastructures.


Luis Aversa

Chief Product Officer

Our Chief Product Officer, with 25 years in digitalization and automation, specializes in steering products that enhance IT infrastructure and security. His expertise encompasses developing secure, scalable solutions, vital in navigating the complexities of modern IT environments. This vision drives our leadership in IT fitness, focusing on innovation and security